About Us

We help you build lasting business relationships

DeskNet was founded in 1992 to help bring the who’s who of the publishing industry into the electronic age by helping automate their advertising, direct mail, and other customer communications. In 1998 DeskNet was approached by a large financial services company asking for assistance automating their client reporting processes. Since then DeskNet has worked with many of the largest firms within the financial services industry to help manage their client reporting, marketing, and sales communications.

Customers began telling DeskNet that they wanted ‘one place to go’ for all of their customer communications, including personalized presentations and brochures, marketing campaigns, and client reports. The expense, complexity, and compliance risk of running numerous point solutions for customer communications had become too high.

DeskNet answered the call with a single solution for all customer-facing communications – a single system solution with administrative and compliance features and functions that is easy to manage, support, and use.

In addition to providing an integrated solution within your corporation, DeskNet and FedEx Office have formed a Strategic Alliance for providing a single solution from the corporate desktop to the customer’s doorstep. An integrated end-to-end solution means jobs are tracked so users always know the status of their communications.

DeskNet’s ContentWelder has powerful analytics tools built-in, providing enterprises with the ability to display and track vital information while monitoring metrics and performance. With big data tools providing unprecedented intelligence and decision support, a single system means data is more easily integrated with analytics systems