Manage All Customer-Facing Communications
From One Place

Through its intuitive, browser-based interface, end-users quickly and easily manage all customer-facing communications, including Automated Marketing, eMarketing, Print-On-Demand, Upload-To-Print, Client Reporting, and ordering pre-printed documents from the warehouse.

Increased Sales Effectiveness

Personalized, timely communication makes all the difference when it comes to winning new customers and building strong relationships with existing customers.

With its intuitive shopping-cart based user interface, sales and marketing professionals easily select, customize, and distribute communications, giving them a competitive advantage by responding quickly to opportunities.

Email has become a prevalent way of reaching out to customers and prospects. However, print is often-times the best option for differentiating and making an impact. With ContentWelder™, sales and marketing professionals get the best of both worlds, as they create and manage integrated email and print campaigns through a single interface.

Ensuring Compliance

User-generated documents, such as customer presentations, are typically the biggest headache for Compliance, as they fall outside of any control mechanisms. With the ContentWelder Upload-to-Print functionality, documents are automatically routed for approval, providing a way for Compliance to even manage documents created outside of Marcom.

Of course, Compliance departments are thrilled with the idea of enforcing policies across all customer-facing documents using a single platform.

Cost Savings

Built on advanced Cloud technology, ContentWelder saves costs by paying for only the amount of services needed, as well as replacing any expensive point solutions installed behind the enterprise firewall.

The shopping cart can be integrated with enterprise accounting / billing systems, streamlining the bill-back process and providing cost analysis and tracking.

Leverages Existing Systems

Architected with extensibility in mind, ContentWelder provides ready-means for tying into existing enterprise systems including CRM, DAM, ERP, Billing / Accounting, Directory Services, etc.