Big Data Integration

By providing a unified, comprehensive set of customer communications data, ContentWelder accelerates onboarding key data into big data file systems such as Hadoop.

Most enterprises utilize a significant number of point solutions to manage their customer-facing communications. These commonly include Marketing Automation systems, Print-On-Demand / Warehouse systems, Ad Hoc Printing, eMarketing and more. Although big data systems aggregate disparate sets of data and data formats, a good deal of elbow grease is required to onboard these various sets of data.

Executives expect Big Data to provide them intelligence about the effectiveness of their customer acquisition and retention strategies, as well as how to make those relationships productive over the long-haul. For this reason, the data generated by customer communications systems is amongst the most important data to onboard within Big Data systems.

By providing the lion’s share of customer-facing communications through a single system that utilizes a common data repository and consistent data formats, DeskNet’s ContentWelder can dramatically decrease the time, effort and cost required to onboard this valuable data into the Big Data system.