Real ROI

Consolidating systems and moving to an integrated print-on-demand and eDistribution model makes way for dramatic savings in license fees, IT costs, warehouse savings and more. How much will you save? The extent of the savings and rapidity of return on investment when moving to an integrated customer communications system will likely surprise you (and delight the Finance Department).

How much are you spending today managing multiple systems? And perhaps a better question – how much will you save through consolidating to a single system? Contact DeskNet so we can work with you to create a custom ROI report for your organization.

Some ROI factors:

  • License costs for your current customer-facing communications systems. These include automated marketing, client reporting, print-on-demand management, eMarketing, and upload-to-print systems.
  • Warehouse costs for documents that are currently being printed but could be moved to electronic / print-on-demand. We find that most companies can easily shift 40%-60% of their printed / warehoused documents to digital / POD.
  • Rebranding costs. Most enterprises tweak their branding on a regular basis, including logo, colors, tagline, etc. ContentWelder Designer can drastically reduce the cost of rebranding by allowing global changes across documents.

Additional considerations that won’t be reflected in your ROI Report, but can be extremely significant to your organization:

  • Improved sales effectiveness. Managing communications through a single system creates familiarity and better leverages time as well as getting communications to the customer more quickly, increasing competitiveness and decreasing opportunity costs
  • Decreased compliance risk. Failure to comply can create big headlines and big costs. Managing compliance through a single system, particularly in bringing rogue, individually created documents into the system can significantly decrease risk
  • Improved decision making – A single system makes it easier to analyze trends and effectiveness of sales and customer retention strategies.
  • Improved customer reporting. Most organizations generate periodic reports to disseminate to customers / clients, and this process is typically done with considerable brute force, barely making deadlines. DeskNet’s ContentWelder CR has helped many organizations to automate and streamline the customer/client reporting process while improving timeliness and decreasing the chance for errors / compliance risks.